Indie Horror Heats Up with Union Furnace

There’s a kind of slow, grand stillness to the American Midwest. It feels like a land forgotten. Something about the seemingly endless stretches of farmland, highways, and grey skies make most of Ohio feel almost post-apocalyptic. It has it’s three cities (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati), but in between there’s an uncharted quality to the state. When […]

Split Brings Everything Together

M. Night Shayamalan is back. It’s weird to write that. I’m sure it was weird to read that, but the auteur behind The Happening has given movie goers an exciting film that relied on artfully constructed tension as well as Shayamalan’s insatiable urge to “twist.” This is a return to the toolshed where Shayamalan built well oiled machines like […]

Prescribing A Cure for Wellness

There’s an elegance to old movies, the black and white makes every frame feel like a fitted tuxedo. Watching them now, transforms the viewer into a martini sucking sophisticate watching as square-jawed men and bony-wristed women waltz their way through heightened parlor dramas in opulent mansions. I think this is why I love Vincent Price. […]

Watchin’ White Dog

This is a time in America where white people cannot in good conscience afford to be comfortable. President Donald Trump made his entire political campaign on white people’s comfort and their fear. By extension, this means his campaign emboldened those who hate. Racists and bigots of all stripes lined up for his rallies and crowded […]

Feelin’ Unfriended

Ghosts are about as scary to me as a stiff breeze. Something about anyone coming back after death to slam doors and blow out candles passes right through me, and if you think that pun wasn’t intended I got news for you. If someone dies and manages to keep a grip on their ego, they’re […]

Hoping You Watch Hostel

I know. It’s a lot to ask if you didn’t like it the first time, and I get that. Believe me. Eli Roth is not my first choice for anything except a kickball team or fake blood expert, but really. You need to watch it again. It’s pretty good, and underneath its layers of blood […]

Jump Cut

Here’s an M. Night Shyamalan level twist for you. I’m 25 now. I was 15 when I started blogging about horror movies and stopped for 9 years. I’m back now. To show you where we’re at, and hopefully show you where we’re headed. Everything after this post is written by 25 year old Just The […]